The best platform and action games for your mobile!

The best platform and action games for your mobile!

The action genre is one of the oldest in video games and one that encompasses a mountain of sub-genres. You know the great titles for consoles and PC, of course, but are there any good free alternatives for your mobile? Of course there are!

In this article, we’ve got 5 great action games for your iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets, a selection of free must-haves, whatever your tastes.

Temple Run 2

Temple Run is more than a game, it’s a phenomenon for iOS and Android. Although there have been loads of versions and substitutes, nothing compares to the original game…well, actually, its sequeldoes! It’s the same gameplay but with improved graphics and more challenges.

Huh? You don’t know how Temple Run 2 works? It’s easy: your character has to flee rabid monkeys and overcome obstacles at the same time as collecting coins to buy bonuses. Sounds too simple? Try playing it for five minutes and then tell us it’s easy!

Download Temple Run 2 for Android

Download Temple Run 2 for iPhone

Jetpack Joyride

In the app store there are so many games with side-scrolling endless running characters, but we had to pick one and it’s Jetpack Joyride. Why? It’s got fun graphics – like all games featuring Barry Steakfries – there’s excellent touch response, the hero keeps it interesting, and there’s a good level of difficulty which corresponds well to the user. So strap on your jetpack and enjoy!

Download Jetpack Joyride for Android

Download Jetpack Joyride for iPhone

Download Jetpack Joyride for Windows Phone

Download Jetpack Joyride for Blackberry

My Favorite Villain: Minion Rush

Not all “movie games” fall short of the movies they’re based on. Despicable Me: Minion Rush is a perfect example – it’s an excellent adaptation of the animated Gru series.

In Minion Rush, you control the cute Minions in countless crazy Temple Run-style adventures, but with the peculiar style of the film and additional minigames. A word of warning though, don’t let your kids have your phone, because once they try this game starring their heroes, you’ll probably not get it back!

Download My Favorite Villain: Minion Rush for Android

Download My Favorite Villain: Minion Rush for iPhone

Dead Trigger

From a game suitable for all, we’re moving on to one that’s definitely “adults only”. Zombies, or the undead, (so fashionable in recent years) haven’t escaped the lure of next generation tablets and mobiles, and they’re displayed in all their glory in Dead Trigger.

In this first person action game you’re trying to survive the zombie apocalypse armed with an automatic rifle in your hands and cold blood in your veins. The best thing is that this isn’t just a smaller version of this type of game, it’s a good title with detailed 3D graphics.

Download Dead Trigger for Android

Download Dead Trigger for iPhone

Blood & Glory

If you like bloody action but you’re done with zombie games, you’ll enjoy Blood & Glory. This game, set in a Colosseum, puts you in the shoes (or sandals) of a Roman gladiator (now trendy again thanks to Ryse: Son of Rome) who must face his enemies in 10 tournaments.

This is another game that makes much of the graphics on your iOS and Android devices and proves that an action game played with touch controls is not only possible, but can be pretty great!

Download Blood & Glory for Android

Descarga Blood & Glory para iPhone

Which mobile action and platform games are you addicted to?

Original article, written by Maria Baeta, published on Softonic ES.

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