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  • What is FaceTime for Mac?

    Apple's FaceTime application can be downloaded on the Mac, and provides the same functionality as the similarly-named iPhone application, permitting video and audio calls to other supported Apple devices. A single iCloud account can be used to access both the mobile and desktop versions of FaceTime.

  • Is FaceTime for Mac free?

    The physical download of the application is completely free, though whether calls are free will depend on the usage of the application. Either Wi-Fi or cellular data is used to make the call, depending upon the specific setup and connection used. If cellular data is used for calling, then it goes without saying that this could lead to additional charges, if a carrier limit is exceeded.

  • How does FaceTime for Mac work?

    With Mac's FaceTime application, any calls initiated from the desktop can be made to any other user who has a Mac themselves, or in fact any other iOS device supporting the app. This includes both iPhones and iPads, though participants must have an internet connection to be able to receive or make calls.

  • Does FaceTime for Mac work on Mac Mini?

    Since the Mac Mini lacks a built-in camera, it's unclear whether FaceTime can still function on this device as a video calling app. Fortunately, third-party cameras can be plugged into the Mac Mini via USB, which enables the FaceTime video feed to stream from the USB camera device.

  • Why is FaceTime for Mac asking for a password?

    Requests for iCloud login credentials from the OS X operating system are not unusual, though in very rare cases can be the result of malware. To be sure that the password request is genuine, instead go into the OS X Preferences and input credentials through this menu instead, just in case the pop-up request wasn't genuine.

  • Does FaceTime for Mac work with iPhones?

    Providing that FaceTime is set up properly on the Mac, then it doesn't matter what device the recipient of the call is using. FaceTime calls initiated from a Mac device can be picked up through the FaceTime application on an iPhone or iPad, providing the contact being called is signed into that device.

  • How to update FaceTime for Mac?

    Despite being a desktop computer system, the Mac updates its software and associated applications in the same way as any other Apple device: through the Apple App Store. By loading up the App Store, users can choose to update the Mac FaceTime application whenever a new update is available.

  • How to rotate FaceTime for Mac?

    When a FaceTime call is active on a Mac, the video can be viewed within full-screen mode. All that's required is to click the green button in the upper-left corner. It's also possible to change the orientation, by clicking on the rotation buttons within the picture-in-picture window.

  • How to record FaceTime for Mac?

    With the Mac version of FaceTime, you can capture memorable video or audio calls using built-in software. QuickTime's recording feature can be accessed by going into 'File', then 'New Screen Recording'. Be sure to select the internal microphone from the list of available microphones. Open FaceTime and then hit the record button in QuickTime.

  • How to add contacts on FaceTime for Mac?

    Whenever you instigate a Mac FaceTime call to a number that isn't already stored as one of your contacts, the application will recommend storing the details as a new contact. The same applies to incoming calls from unsaved numbers, and this can be done for both audio and video calls.