GTalk+ (Chat for Google Talk) 1.4.1

Chat via Google Talk on your iPhone


  • Clean, easy-to-use interface
  • 'Off the record' feature
  • Requires no installation


  • Switches to 'unavailable' when you open a new Safari window

Very good

GTalk+ for iOS can no longer be downloaded. Take a look at Hangouts instead.

Google Talk is now one of the most accomplished instant messaging apps around, and now you can experience the wonder of the client on your mobile with this cool web-based iPhone tool, GTalk+.

GTalk+ for iPhone replicates the simple beauty of the desktop application very well. The interface is neat and free of clutter and it's dead easy to work with. You need to launch GTalk+ in your Safari browser and then sign in with your Google account details.

What you can do

The main window in GTalk+ allows you to perform more or less everything you can in the desktop version, such as viewing your online contacts, searching for contacts, and changing your status. The only things you can't do is sorting who to show or adding new contacts.

The chat window in GTalk+ is also pretty similar to the original and just as easy to use. It supports profile images and also has a cool 'Off the record' feature, which you can switch on if you don't want your conversation to be saved.

There's no voice chat facility in GTalk+ (that's what you're phone's for, after all) but by far the biggest flaw within the program occurs when you try to open a new Safari window with the app running. In this instance your status is automatically set to unavailable, which does get quite annoying.

That said, GTalk+ does provide a simple and enjoyable way to chat with your buddies online.



GTalk+ (Chat for Google Talk) 1.4.1

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