Online mulitplayer street fighting


  • Integrated with Facebook
  • Original setting
  • Easy to get into


  • A little basic looking

7 is a MMORPG set on a man-made island called Dawnbreak City, run by evil corporation 'LabyCore'. You can play online with friends in a team to defeat the crime bosses of the city.

Like most massively multiplayer online role playing games, begins with an extended training session. This sees you escape from prison, and meet up with an underground network of people rebelling against LabyCore. The gameplay reveals itself to be pretty recognizable MMORPG fare, with a simple point and click interface.'s cartoon street style and isometric view make it stand out in a genre dominated by 3D and fantasy worlds.

As well as the usual leveling-up to make yourself more powerful, by completing tasks, you'll need to get some friends together to win some battles you can't alone. You can add friends through Facebook, but if you're playing and can't find your friends online, will simulate them, allowing you to continue playing.

Currently in closed beta, you have to apply for an invitation. runs from your browser, in a popup, and requires no download. It seems to be directed at the casual and social end of the games world. It's more action packed than things like Farmville, but not as daunting as World of Warcraft. looks like a fun MMORPG to play, especially if you can convince a few friends to get involved so you can band together and battle as a group.

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