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Yahoo! Messenger help and info

  • What is Yahoo Messenger?

    Yahoo Messenger (YM) is an instant-messaging client and protocol offered by Yahoo. The tool is free to use and can be used with a Yahoo ID that lets users access other services by Yahoo such as email. Some of the instant messaging tool’s salient features include plug-ins, file sharing, voicemail, chat rooms and webcams.

  • How to start a conversation in YM?

    YM comprises a personal directory of sorts, referred to as Friend List, which helps a user keep track of friends. The user decides who becomes a part of the list. YM also tells when friends are available for a chat. To start chatting with a particular friend in a separate window, double-clicking the friend’s name should do.

  • What is a YM Conference?

    As the name indicates, a “conference” in YM is chatting with multiple people simultaneously. Users can create a conference and invite people, or be part of other user’s conferences through an invite. This is similar to how group chats work, but YM was the one who made this feature popular.

  • Does YM support voice calls?

    Yes, through Yahoo Voice. This popular YM application lets users phone people across the globe: PC-to-phone or PC-to-PC calls. The tool incorporates VoIP technology. The external calling component is taken care of by a VoIP service provider called Jajah.

  • How to determine the encryption status of YM messages?

    YM texts are sent in the "clear" format. This means it is easy to find out whether an outgoing message is encrypted or otherwise. To monitor a network’s incoming and outgoing traffic, third-party software tools can be used. If encryption is required, SSH proxy can be used for encrypting Internet traffic. A VPN setup would help encrypt all outgoing traffic.

  • Does Yahoo Messenger support games?

    YM also provides an interactive and fast way to play games. The tool, in fact, has a dedicated section for games called Yahoo Games. There are single player games and also games where a user can choose a friend to play with. The games are available round-the-clock and users can also chat with the opponent while playing.

  • How are the messages stored?

    YM offers users the option to collect and retrieve messages. Downloadable Yahoo Messenger’s versions store user interactions on the user’s device, while web-based YM takes the conversations to Yahoo servers.

  • How to update Yahoo Messenger?

    YM updates should not be a problem as most mobile apps are updated automatically to their latest versions, provided the OS version is eligible for new updates. If the automatic updates don’t come through, YM can be manually updated on an iPhone, Android or PC. As far as Mac is concerned, a hard reset would be required.

  • Does Yahoo Messenger work with Chrome?

    The best way to use Yahoo Messenger is through its official client. YM works on web browsers such as Chrome too, but there could be apparent lagging or bugs. To ensure zero issues, problems associated with Yahoo Mail should be first rectified or YM should be used outside of Mail in Chrome.

  • Does Yahoo Messenger help undo sent content?

    Yes, Yahoo Messenger helps undo sent content. And unlike other messaging tools, it doesn’t set any time limit within which the action should be initiated. In fact, messages sent weeks and months back could be undone, provided the recipient hasn’t read the message.